By becoming a Wyatt PTA member, you will not only belong to the largest child advocacy organization in the state, but you also belong to one of the most successful local PTAs in the state! 


Please note that being a PTA member does not mean that you have to volunteer at the school.  Single membership only costs $14.50 and family membership is $19.  Please support an organization that works hard to improve your child's education and experience at Wyatt.  Please contact Melissa Jones at if you have any questions!


Our PTA needs you and more importantly, our students need you!


Partnerships between parents, educators and children enhance children's success.  We know that children learn more and have better lives when everyone in the school community works together to share thoughts and information and work on projects to benefit the students...our children! 




Membership are $14.50 per adult.  Save with our Family Membership of $19 per year!



This year, the Wyatt Elementary PTA is planning to support our students and faculty through:

  • All-School Assemblies and In-House Field Trips
  • Supplies for Choir, Field Day and Sage Events
  • "Time for Kids" Weekly Readers, Author Visits, Books for Classroom Libraries
  • After-School Programs for Students
  • Socials for Students and Families
  • Watchdogs Program Exclusively for our Wyatt Dads
  • Art, Library and Music Supplies, Garden and Recess Equipment
  • National PTA Reflections Art Education Program 


By: Jay Moneta Hunter Thomson

  1. It’s good for your child. Research shows that children whose parents are involved in their school make better grades and have fewer disciplinary problems at school. When parents get plugged in at school, their children do better. 

  2. It’s important to the school. Schools are becoming more and more dependent on parent groups. The parent groups are responsible for almost all of the school’s fundraising revenue. They provide support to teachers and administrators, and they create a caring and supportive atmosphere in the school. 

  3. You’ll get connected. There’s no better way to know what’s going on in the school than to be on the school’s parent teacher group. You’ll be first to hear about important decisions and changes the school is thinking about making, and you will get to know teachers and administrators on a familiar basis. 

  4. You’ll be part of a network. Every parent group function is an opportunity to meet other parents in the same situation as you. You will be connected with a group of parents who share a common goal of improving the school for the children. 

  5. You’ll make a difference. By volunteering with the PTA, you’ll be able to use your skills for a noble cause. Parent groups work to establish a supportive and encouraging community for the entire school. The goal is to create the most educational environment possible for our children. 

  6. It’s fun! You’ll connect with a group of people who are all concerned with creating a better environment for their children. You will help plan fun events, socials and get togethers that the whole family can attend. 

  7. You’ll be a role model. You’ll show your children that not only are they important to you, but their education is as well. They’ll see you taking a stand to make education better for them and their peers, and chances are they’ll do the same.

  8. You’ll help raise necessary funds. The PTA fundraises to provide more educational services for children. Fundraisers remain important to improving the quality of the school overall, and parent groups make them possible. 

  9. It’s flexible. The PTA has progressed to meet the changing needs of parents. There are a variety of small ways parents can help and be involved in the PTA. Project responsibilities are flexible and can be adjusted to fit with your time constraints. 

  10. It’s for every parent. Your voice and opinion matters! It makes a difference when you speak up. Your voice and ideas can help improve the quality of education for your children and their peers. You’ll see the smiles on their faces and know that you’ve played a part in making school a little more comfortable and fun. 

Being an involved parent can be as simple as helping your child with homework or even reading together. The more time you take out of your day to become more involved in your child’s education, the better. You don’t have to make the PTA a full time job to make a difference. However, volunteering occasionally and attending school events really matters. Showing your children you value education will teach them to value it as well. 




Anyone can! And everyone should, including parents (both mom and dad and step-parents too!), teachers, staff, grandparents and community members.



You can join the PTA online by logging onto the Membership Toolkit through this link -



One Family PTA Membership costs $19. A Single PTA Membership costs $14.



Lifetime memberships are awarded to PTA members who have made significant volunteer contributions to the PTA. They cannot be purchased. Once awarded, lifetime members pay reduced annual membership fees for life.



Yes! You will receive a PTA card that gives you access to member resources and discounted benefits on the Texas PTA and National PTA Websites.  Benefits include discounts at Great Wolf Lodge, Six Flags, Enterprise, Schlitterbahn, Sharp Electronics products, Dell, Nationwide Insurance, La Quinta, and many more. 


And our school and kids will benefit from your membership even more!



There are no volunteer requirements for joining the PTA. But if you’re interested in volunteering your time or skills, we’d love to have you!



You will not be eligible to vote at PTA meetings, and you will miss out on connecting with the Wyatt Elementary community. Research shows that children whose parents get involved generally do better academically and socially in school. Do it for the kids!



A lot! PTA programs affect every parent, teacher and student in the school! For example: After School Programs, Art Fair, Book Fair, Choir Supplies, Community Outreach, Field Day, Fall Picnic, Field Trips, Fifth Grade Graduation, Class Parties, Boys and Girls Socials, Fundraising Auction, Garden Club, Newcomers Social, Promoting Healthy Lifestyles, Teacher Appreciation Luncheons, Lunch with Heroes, Music Supplies, Office Volunteers, Reflections Art Program, SAGE Supplies, School Supplies, Spirit Nights, Roo Run, Science Fair, Spirit Wear, Spring Fling, Visiting Authors and Educational Speakers, WatchDog Dads, and yearbook.


Have a voice! Have fun! Make a difference! Make a friend! Join WYATT PTA today!

2017-2018 PTA General Membership Meetings


9/14, 12:00 PM- PTA General Membership Meeting 

11/16, 6:45 PM- PTA General Membership Meeting before 2nd Grade Performance

12/19, 6:45 PM-PTA General Membership Meeting before choir concert

3/29, 6:45 PM-PTA General Membership Meeting before 1st Grade Performance

5/24, 6:45 PM-PTA General Membership Meeting before choir concert


If I join, do I have to?

  • Go to meetings? 
    No. You are welcome to attend our general meetings though.

  • Volunteer or spend a lot of time at school?

    Nope! Joining the PTA is not the same as volunteering. If you choose to volunteer we would LOVE the help—but volunteering is not required.






Congratulations to the recipients of the Texas PTA Honorary Life Membership Awards presented at tonight’s PTA General Membership Meeting! Thank you Sarita Venkatraman, Julie Hamilton Bayless,Angela Kathlyne Armstrong and Jayme Carrell for your dedication to our students. We appreciate you all and these awards are very well-deserved!


CONGRATULATIONS to our 2016-2017 PTA Honorary Life Members!!!

Tara Rolandelli Vaughn, Angela Krape, Irene Youngers Glover, Sara Blackburn Deuillet


These staff members and parents support Wyatt and our students in such a huge way and their time and efforts are so appreciated by all of us!  We presented the awards to these ladies last night at Wyatt. They will be formally recognized by Texas PTA at our Life Member Banquet in February. 






Connect with Us!

PTA Achievements

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and The Cooper Institute have announced the 2016-2017 schools and we are honored to be one of them! Selected schools receive funding for equipment and health and nutrition materials.


Why join the PTA?

Successful students make successful schools— which make thriving communities. Everyone benefits when you support students!

Become a member!

Wyatt PTA Members Receive: 

-  Access to our online and app directories.
-  Discounts at Great Wolf Lodge, Six Flags, Sea World, La Quinta, Dell, Nationwide Insurance, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Schlitterbahn, Sharp Electronics products & T-Mobile
-  Access to websites, legislative news and discounts through Texas PTA and National PTA.

Please join with us to make a difference in the education, health, and welfare of our children.  If you’d like any additional information about Wyatt PTA, please feel free to contact Melissa Jones, Wyatt PTA VP of Membership at

We look forward to having YOU as a member!