I know many of you have plans to travel, have the kids do camps, attend classes and many other things, but I wanted to mention that summer is the perfect time to let your child tap into their creativity! Over the last few years we've talked about the importance of creativity and problem solving in preparing our students for the future.


Plano ISD promotes a program called REFLECTIONS every year - you've most likely heard of it. This program is all about creative thinking and offers students opportunities to display their creativity in visual arts, photography, literature, dance choreography, film production, and music composition.


Once we are into the swing of the new school year, students often want to participate in this program but just don't have the time. This might be the perfect long-term project for the summer. We know we have so many talented students and we hope that by giving you the details of next year's program, in advance, we might have lots more entries.


The 2018-2019 theme: Heroes Around Me

Deadline to enter: October 31, 2018

Six Categories: visual arts, photography, literature, dance choreography, film production, and music composition


For more details, program rules and examples go to:



If you have any questions please contact Deema Ghata-Aura at deemaga1@btinternet.com.


We are so proud of all of our students who entered the Reflections Competition! We have so many talented students at Wyatt.  Great job everyone!


2017-2018 Winners: 


1. Visual Arts Category


Primary Division:

Award of Excellence - Ann Zhang

Award of Merit - Ethan Zhang

Honorable Mention - Aimee Guo, Claire Zhang


Intermediate Division:

Award of Excellence - Eva Cao

Award of Merit - Cindy Zhang, Aarini Sen

Honorable Mention - Franklin Wu


2. Literature Category 


Primary Division:

Award of Excellence - Vihan Rao

Award of Merit - Dan Wu Xie

Honorable Mention - Siddhanth Nadathur


Intermediate Division:

Award of Excellence - Eshaan Chachad

Award of Merit - Jerusha Abraham 

Honorable Mention - Alexander Wilkinson


3. Photography Division:


Award of Excellence - Jerusha Abraham


Aarini Sen (3rd grade) - My Dreams Are Within My Reach


Eva Cao(5th) - Reaching to Help


Cindy Zhang(3rd) - I Dream I Were A Kite


Xinchen Ethan Zhang(1st) - Reach Deeper



Ann Zhang(2nd) - Helping Birds Within My Reach





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