The theme for this year is “I am Hopeful Because…”


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Students are encouraged to explore their creativity, expand their interests and talents to reflect on the current year’s theme by submitting their completed ORIGINAL works of art in one OR as many of the available arts categories as they choose:


Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, Visual Arts.  


Reflections Rules


All entries must be submitted electronically HERE by Tuesday, October 31st.


Eligibility: The student or at least one person from their primary household must be a current member of the Local PTA/PTSA where the student is participating. Join the PTA today! (wyattpta.org)


Council of PTAs Arts - Reflection Celebration News (May 2022)!

On Tuesday, May 3rd, an award celebration/ ceremony was held IN-PERSON at The Sockwell Center in Plano for the first time in 3 years. All Plano ISD students who have received an award for Honorable Mention an above at the PISD Council level for Reflections were recognized,  awarded and celebrated. We are so proud of all 4 of our Wyatt Wallaroos students who represented Wyatt Elementary at the event. Shout out to Isabella.C  who will also be attending and representing Wyatt at the TEXAS PTA award ceremony in Austin. Congratulations once again to the following students.
- Overall Award of Excellence (Photography)
- Award of Excellence - Texas PTA awards
- Overall Award of Excellence  ( Visual Arts)
- Award of Excellence - Texas PTA awards
- Award of Excellence ( Visual Arts)
- Award of Merit ( Visual Arts)
- Award of Merit ( Visual Arts)
- Honorable Mention ( Visual Arts)



CONGRATULATIONS to Isabella, C ( 5th grade) for receiving two “ Award of EXCELLENCE “ for both of her entries ( Photography & Visual Art ) from the TEXAS PTA REFLECTIONS. She will be attending the TEXAS PTA Awards ceremony in Austin later this Summer. Way to go representing Wyatt!!



AWARDS received from the Plano ISD Council PTA of the Arts


CONGRATULATIONS!!!.... to Isabella C. ( 5th grade ), whose Reflections entries ( Visual Arts & Photography) have both received the highest recognition with an OVERALL AWARD OF EXCELLENCE where usually only one entry is chosen for each division and each category out of the whole school district. Both her entries were selected and will be moving on to the state level, TEXAS PTA for the next level of judging. Woohoo!!!..Way to go Isabella for representing Wyatt Elementary!!


The following students have also received awards from the Council…YAY!!:-) 


Jin-Lee Hugo Y. ( 3rd grade ) – Award of Excellence & Award of Merit ( Visual Arts)

Gabrielle Vianna C. ( 3rd grade ) – Award of Merit ( Visual Arts )

Ryley B. ( 5th grade ) – Honorable Mention ( Visual Arts )


Congratulations and well done everyone!!! We are so proud of all who have participated as well as received the special award recognitions in this program. Keep up the good work!!



CONGRATULATIONS!!!...and thank you to all the Wallaroos who have participated in the recent PTA Reflections Art program. We have received a total 29 entries this year and they have all received the results from the  local judges. Of the 29 entries, 7 entries have received the “ AWARD OF EXCELLENCE ”, where they will be advancing to the next round of judging at the Council level; 7 entries have received “ AWARD OF MERIT “; 9 have received “ HONORABLE MENTION “ and 6 of the entries have received “ PARTICIPATION AWARD “. They will all be receiving ribbons and certificates at a later time. Stay tuned and keep up the good work!!!


The entries of the following students below, who have received “ AWARD OF EXCELLENCE”, will be advancing to the Council for the next level of judging.


Ryley B. , 5th – Visual Arts ( The Cycle of Goodness )

**Isabella C. ,  5th – Visual Arts ( The Last Straw ) & Photography ( Droplets of Life )

Anish H. , 3rd - Visual Arts ( I can change the world by saving the planet )

Gabrielle V.C., 3rd – Visual Arts ( We can change the world with a smile )

**Hugo J.Y.,  3rd  – Visual Arts ( Brain Power & The Power of Technology )


** These students have submitted 2 entries and received “ Award of Excellence ”


For more information or questions about the results, please contact reflections@wyattpta.org



ALL ENTRANTS will be awarded with ribbons, certificates,( a surprise gift/ prize) and recognized on the yearbook.



  • ALL entrants MUST have at least ONE current WYATT PTA member in their household this year. If you would like to join the PTA as a member, please click here : https://wyattpta.membershiptoolkit.com/membership
  • SUBMIT your original artwork/ digital entries by OCTOBER 30th, 2021. We are collecting digital entries this year.
  • Please use this google form to submit your digital entries by clicking on this link HERE. 


  • Please CLICK HERE   OR visit :
  • Texas PTA Reflections website : https://www.txpta.org/reflections-participation
  • National PTA Reflections website:   https://www.pta.org/home/programs/reflections
  • ALL entries MUST be accompanied by an official entry form. 
  • HINT : A title for your art work is highly recommended to make your entry stand out.
  • Students will be contacted to submit a physical entry ( art & photography work only ) and a hard copy of the official STUDENT ENTRY FORM IF their entry have been advanced to the Council level for judging.

Click HERE to print or download Student Entry Form.

For questions or more info, please contact education@wyattpta.org  OR reflections@wyattpta.org.


OPTIONAL KEY : Artist Statement Worksheet

Need help with brainstorming for ideas? Use the optional “ ARTIST STATEMENT WORKSHEET “ below to help you with the process.

Click HERE to download the Artist Statement Worksheet.

HINT : Most often, judges considered entries highly based on entrant’s art work, interpretation of the theme and the artist’s statement

 ( Note: This is NOT required to be submitted with entries )




This is NOT an art contest. Students will be judged by their individual art project ( based on how well they reflect the theme, their creativity and the mastery of the medium ) and not judged against each other.


National PTA's Reflections program provides opportunities for recognition and access to the arts which boost student confidence and success in the arts and in life.

Each year, over 300,000 students in Pre-K through Grade 12 create original works of art in response to a student-selected theme

This 50+ year-old program helps them explore their own thoughts, feelings and ideas, develop artistic literacy, increase confidence and find a love for learning that will help them become more successful in school and in life.


Reflections Update:  5-19-21




CONGRATULATIONS to 5 of our very own WYATT WALLAROOS who have received award recognition at the PLANO ISD COUNCIL of PTAS ( district level). Please give a shout out to the following students:-


Hannah Wu ( Visual Arts) – Award of Excellence ( 4:26)

Kaylee Fullington ( Visual Arts ) – Award of Merit ( 5:20)

Akriti Prashanth ( Visual Arts) – Honorable Mention ( 5:38 )

Isabella Chao ( Photography ) – Award of Excellence ( 8:50 )

Kylie Rawley ( Literature ) – Award of Excellence ( 29:46 )


Students who received “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE ” will be featured with images of their entries, then the names of students with Award of Merit and Honorable Mention entries will be listed on the video. Please CLICK HERE ( duration time- 40:02) to view the celebration video presentation, which will also feature all Plano ISD students who have received award recognition at the TEXAS PTA and NATIONAL PTA level. About 300 entries were submitted across Plano ISD in 6 art categories, Visual Art, Photography, Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature and Music Composition. Approximately 50% were awarded, 10% received Award of Excellence. 23 of those advanced to Texas PTA Reflections. Twenty of those entries received a top award at Texas PTA; 2 received Overall Award of Excellence and advanced to National PTA Reflections.




2019 Reflections Advancing Entries from two of our own WYATT Wallaroo students that were presented at the Plano ISD Council of PTA – Arts Reflections “Look Within” Awards Ceremony






Plano ISD Council of PTA's Reflections Award Ceremony was presented online on Thu. Apr. 2.
If you missed it, you can view the video live (Facebook Live Public Video) by clicking on the link below





Parents, next time you are in school, please stop by to view the fabulous work our hard-working Wallaroos entered in this year’s PTA Reflections in Art Program.


Our students have been admiring the entries and are getting inspired for next year! 










We have received all participating entries from the judges. The results have all been emailed to parents based on the awards that their child have received. Any questions you may have about the results and entries, please feel free to contact: education@wyattpta,org. Thank you once again for your support and participation in the PTA Reflections program this year.


On behalf of the WYATT PTA REFLECTIONS team, we are proud and happy to announce that 14 of the 64 participating entries will be advancing to the district level.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following students:


Priya. G (literature), Rutvika. R (literature), Rohana. R (dance choreography), Caroline. S (dance choreography), Isabella. C (photography & visual arts), Gabrielle. V (visual arts), Parth. G (visual arts), Sarina. J (visual arts), Berlin. B (visual arts), Aarini. S (visual arts), Mingzhe. L (visual arts),  Sisira. D (visual arts).





We are excited to celebrate the arts at Wyatt and the wonderful creativity of our students. The Wyatt PTA started the school year with a goal to distinguish ourselves as a National PTA School of Excellence and focus on arts in education. We quickly realized that we share a passion and belief among our parents, teachers, and staff, that the arts are critical to student and school success.

Why are we advocating for the arts and creativity so strongly? “Creativity is an important strength because it can help you feel more comfortable in a variety of situations and adapt to challenges and stressors, boosting self-confidence and self knowledge. The strength of creativity is about thinking of new ways to do things. It involves producing ideas or behaviors that are original,” (from “The Power of Character Strengths” by Dr. Robert McGrath).

We hope you are as excited as we are about the Arts Initiatives we have been working on this spring including the Community Arts Partnership Fair at Open House, the Arts Family Night with visiting author David Catrow, the Introduction to Reflections Art Club, and this Newsletter!

Please help Wyatt advocate for the arts, download and share the attached newsletter below with your families and celebrate the success of our students and the arts at Wyatt!


Click here to download the newsletter!




Plano ISD promotes a program called REFLECTIONS every year - you've most likely heard of it. This program is all about creative thinking and offers students opportunities to display their creativity in visual arts, photography, literature, dance choreography, film production, and music composition.


Once we are into the swing of the new school year, students often want to participate in this program but just don't have the time. This might be the perfect long-term project for the summer. We know we have so many talented students and we hope that by giving you the details of next year's program, in advance, we might have lots more entries.


For more details, program rules and examples go to:




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